Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will the next litter be available?
A: Litters are usually available in the Spring and Fall of each year.

Q: Can I make a deposit to reserve a puppy?
A: Yes deposits are accepted and puppies will be reserved in the order that the deposits are received

Q.  Why do we refund your deposit?
A.  Years ago I was promised a puppy that would better my line.  This was not true and they refused to return my $500 deposit.

Q.  Are you looking to better your line?
A.  Yes, I am always looking to better my line.  You can contact me with infomation about perspective breeding or other information.

Q. Are the dogs just kenneled?
A.  Absolutely not, they run free 3 times a day and all dogs can swim or play under supervision and return on command.

Q.  Do you guarantee your puppies?
A.  Yes, every puppy comes with a 2 year guarantee on hips, elbows, and eyes.  All dogs are certified for the same going back generations.

Q.  How is the temperament of the dogs?
A.  Excellent, they have been bred with tempermanet, looks and pedigree in mind.

Q. Puppy Cam?
A.  You will be able to watch the puppies 24hrs a day and at 3 weeks they will get different color collars.  The colors will differentiate between male & female.

Q.  Photos?
A.  Photos of the puppies will be available on the puppy page as they grow.  People with deposits on the puppies will receive a more detailed photo.

Q: I live far away and would not be able to make the drive to pick up the puppy… do you ship out of state?
A: Yes! We ship the puppies anywhere in the continental United States.

Q: How much does shipping usually cost?
A: Shipping can vary depending on your geographic location and current airline flight pricing.

Q: Are there any litters available?
A: Check the Puppy Cam for availability.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us!