“Warne’s Fox Red History”

Warne’s Budamis Maximus

When looking into the best hunting pedigree, we came across a breeder from the Midwest. He was very successful, and there may not have been any superior fox red hunting line, in the entire country. His dogs consistently produced hunting championships and simply had a knack for being the best possible hunters. He had a litter at the time, in which we acquired Miss Molly. She is not only a terrific hunter, but also possesses a great disposition along with an unyielding temperament.


Warne’s Miss Molly

Both breeds of dogs have their advantages. A show dog tends to have a much more laid back even keeled personality. They also have a heavier bone structure with a much blockier head. Hunting dogs on the other hand tend to have a leaner appearance. The temperament of the hunter is an important quality. The hunting Lab must be able to get along well with others. He must also be willing to work well with a human partner, and he must be comfortable working in the company of other dogs.

“Wynaful Tobasco” English Show Champion

Anyone who is interested in purchasing a Fox Red Lab should do their homework and make sure cross pedigrees are not present. Here at Warneslabs we can assure you that we have carefully done our research and made sure that our lines are completely separate breeds of true Fox Red Labradors. This is the main reason why we can offer, and back all of our puppies with a certified two year health guarantee.


Warneslab’s believe that we have truly developed one of the most unique breeds of Fox Red Labradors, to date. Not only do they have the beauty, temperament and darkness instilled by Judy McCormick but also the awe-inspiring ability to hunt, obey command and what may be the most desired trait of all; the capacity to work well with humans and temperment usurpassed compared to other lines. Our dogs can be used for “show” and or hunting. They make great family pets due to their awesome character and loving personalities. Health is also a primary concern of ours. We have all of our dogs hips checked, which is costly, but a must to ensure our dogs offspring acquire the best possible chance for quality wellbeing and longevity. We have made our name within the Labrador community by bettering the Fox Red breed and honestly believe that we have developed an “All American” line of the “Fox Red Labrador Retriever.”


Our Goals haven’t stopped yet! Warneslab’s will be bringing in one more championship line into the current mix by going back to England one more time. At this point, the exceptional lines are so close that breeding true Fox Reds to true Fox Reds has become nearly impossible, without having to breed out, that is. Our third line will ensure my love of Fox Red Labs, the opportunity to grow and persist well into the future.